Welcome to my Site joyFULL Cooking!

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I made this because I wanted to bring together the joy of Jesus with the joy of food. For all of you foodies out there who get excited about Trader Joe’s grocery runs and trying every baked good they can! For the people who find joy in the simplicity of bringing ingredients together and making something delicious. This site will be full of yummy recipes, foodie reviews, and faith fulfilling posts!IMG_1994


Now, I will say a little bit about myself personally, but only a short list because I much rather talk about food(:

1. I am married!IMG_1473 (1)

2.I have a part-time job

3.I am a college graduate still finding out what she wants to do in life!

4.I read and write for fun(:

5. And I have an adorable Aussie/Pyrenees mix named Wren!