My Favorite Caffeine: What to get and where to find them

I love coffee and I love coffee shops. Everything from the aesthetic, to the flavors of espresso, to the creative concoctions each one may carry. Currently I am on a journey of purchasing a mug from a local coffee shop in every state in the U.S. So far I have eight! This is a great excuse for me to travel more, plus I am obsessed with mugs. I have decided to make a post about my favorite caffeinated drinks and where to find them, to share these places with you all and see what you thought!
Common Grounds. Waco, TX.
My husband and I recently took a vacation to Waco, TX to visit the ever famous Magnolia Market. Which is amazing and I highly recommend the cupcakes at the bakery. Anyway, everyday we were there we visited this awesome coffee shop called Common Grounds. Our drink of choice was called the iced Cowboy. This is their Iced coffee and cream with their very own sweetener that they title “Secret Sauce”. You guys…it’s so good. Not only the sweetener, but the coffee itself. I bought a bag to bring home with me, which is sadly already gone:( This shop is a cozy little nook that now holds my favorite iced coffee drink!
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North Lime Coffee & Donuts. Lexington, Ky.
Next up is North Lime Coffee and Donuts in Lexington, Ky. This is my other favorite iced coffee drink. Their iced coffee is also their cold brew here which I think is nice because it’s not too overbearing. My drink of choice here is a caramel iced coffee with room, I prefer the room because I get to add my own amount of cream. Their caramel here is absolutely amazing and super thick, which I love as well. This coffee shop is also very well known for their donuts (THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING)!!!!!!! What’s better then walking into a place and smelling both homemade donuts and well-crafted coffee? Nothing.
Greyhouse Coffee and Supply. West Lafayette, Indiana.
This place is probably one of my all time favorite coffee shops I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to A LOT. The aesthetic of this place is unreal and honestly I want my house to look like it. The cozy wood wanes coating with the black and white honeycomb tile screams pure bliss to me. My drink of choice here is the creme brulee` latte. THIS IS THE BEST LATTE I’VE EVER HAD! I have had a lot of good latte’s, but this espresso with the sweetened condensed cream and caramel just sends a surge through me that keeps me wanting more. This drink is amazing both hot and iced and I suddenly wished I went to Purdue University just so I could have it every day.
Chocolate Holler Lexington, Ky.
Now time to talk about my favorite mocha. I personally am not a huge mocha person, like this is the only one I will drink because it is just that awesome. This is the chocolate blossom. It contains white mocha, lavender, milk, and espresso. Now some of you may not be a fan of lavender and that’s okay, EXCEPT when it comes to this drink. If this drink doesn’t convert you then I don’t know what will. Also, Chocolate holler is a chocolate based coffee shop…need I say more.

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