Earl Grey & Caramel Iced Coffee


Earl grey and Caramel are a combination that one may not think of often, but when you do…magic is born. Okay that was corny, but food CAN be magical. The flavors compliment each other so well and I plan on making this combo in many other recipes.

This iced coffee drink is made with a homemade caramel sauce and earl grey simple syrup. You can totally make this with hot coffee too! Let’s get into it…

Ingredients: Caramel Sauce ( You can totally just buy a jar at the store,  I just wanted to experiment)

  1. 3/4 Cup granulated sugar
  2. 6 tbsp half & half
  3. 1/4 Cup room temp butter


  1. In a sauce pan on medium heat add your sugar. Let sit until you see it starting to liquefy on the sides of the sauce pan. Slowly stir it. Lumps will form, but they will melt. Slowly stir so it doesn’t burn until it is a beautiful amber color.
  2. Once it is completely melted add your butter in small cubes. Slowly, so it doesn’t spit on you.
  3. Then while stirring slowly pour in your cream. Let boil for a minute stirring once or twice. Then take off the heat to cool completely.


Earl Grey Simple Syrup


  1. 3 earl grey tea bags
  2. 1 2/3 cup water
  3. 1 2/3 cup granulated sugar

This will make a decent amount of syrup for many recipes to come!



  1. Add water and sugar into a sauce pan. Bring to a simmer slowly stirring until the sugar dissolves
  2. Add three tea bags. I dollop mine in a few times to get the color from the tea going.
  3. Remove from heat and let steep for 20 minutes.


I have a special coffee maker (wedding gift) that can make both iced and hot coffee! However, there are many other ways to make iced coffee with a regular coffee pot or french press.

French Press:

Make as a normal french press, but with cold water. Let the coarsely grounded coffee brew within the cold water without pressing it down. I let mine brew for at least 18 hours. This is technically a cold brew!

Coffee pot:

Brew a full pot of coffee. Pour half into ice cube trays and freeze over night. The other half keep in the fridge! The ice cubes will help it not to water down.

After I brewed my coffee I drizzled my caramel into it and stirred. Then I added ice, and half & half. Then the finale…EARL GREY SYRUP!  It is like you are your own barista! Super easy and super delicious. I hope you all enjoy! 🙂



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