Ramen at home

I know technically you can make ramen at home in a cup of noodles, but this tastes different and




There are many ways to make ramen, some of which I don’t know and some of which can take hours and hours. Whether it has to do with the broth, finding extremely rare ingredients, or making the noodles from scratch.

This recipe only takes an hour or two tops including prep time. This recipe makes four servings on the bigger side. I like to freeze any leftover broth that way all I have to do next time is buy/ make noodles.

This is so easy and so delicious!!!! Which is like my two favorite things when it comes to cooking 🙂


4 packs of dried ramen noodles

6 cups chicken broth

2 Shredded roasted chicken breasts or thighs (I roasted mine with S&P and olive oil ahead of time)

1 cup water

2 cups roughly chopped Bok Choy

1/3 cup soy sauce

3/4 sweet onion

3-4 tbs sesame oil

1 tbsp garlic cloves chopped

2 carrots thinly shredded or sliced

A bunch of shiitake mushrooms or use any kind you prefer

4-5 tbsp of hoisin sauce

1-2 tsp rice vinegar


Sliced green onions


Sesame seeds

Fresh cilantro


Bean Sprouts

-Whatever you like!

My bowl says 1-800- Send- Noods, like I’m obsessed.


1. In a pot sauté sliced sweet onion with one tbsp of sesame oil. Cook until tender. Add garlic, mushrooms, and shredded carrots. Season with pepper.

2. Add chicken broth and water. Then add remainder of sesame oil, Hoisin sauce, and soy sauce. Stir and bring to a high simmer.

3. Then add in rice vinegar. Let this simmer for at least 30-45 minutes. Or even longer if you have the time.

4. Then add in chopped bok choy and noodles. Cover and let cook for 5-7 minutes. Using your fork or spoon separate the noodles from clumping and mix throughly.

5. Add your noodles to a bowl then ladle in as much broth as you prefer. Put in your shredded chicken (the broth will heat it through) and add your toppings. My favorites are green onion, cilantro, bean sprouts, and sriracha!

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